How Trackerry saves your Time and Money

No more monitoring domains

Unlimited domains

Add as many domains as you need to run your successful campaigns - free of charge

Flag Detection

Get notifications from our flag-detection tools via email or telegram

Domain Replacement

Make your account immune to bans. Your domains are replaced automatically as soon as they get flagged or even before they get flagged.

1-click SSL

Give your domains SSL with just 1 click at the lowest market price

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No more account bans

Preventive Replacements

Your domains will be replaced before Google flags them

Set Domains Behavior

Set time gaps, schedule daily and hourly replacements

3 Behavior Types

Mark used domains, leave in rotation or remove after 1 time use

Real Time Domain View

View domain states in real time: active, flagged or used

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No more complicated reporting

Unlimited Levels

Drill down as many levels as required from any stats segment

Real Time View

Expand groups of entities while you browse stats in real time

Editable Entities

Edit or enable detailed view of your collapsed rows

Excel-Like Tables

Drag-n-drop editable columns, select and copy data with Shift+/CTRL+, hide and reveal entities

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No more re-uploading landers

Unlimited Storage

Upload any types and amounts of static files, we'll keep them for you for free

Smart Macros

Insert dynamic content into your Landers with our special macros

Domain Rotations

Choose how you want us to rotate your domains for every single Lander to keep campaigns uninterruptible


The Lander URL is securely hashed and cannot be reopened after the 30 seconds timeout

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No more one by one editing

Faster Campaign Creation

Set up offers, traffic sources or advertisers while you are creating the campaign

Reporting From Any Stats

Download reports from any sections of Trackerry stats in 1 click

The Most Advanced Caps

Limit your offers and campaigns by clicks, conversions, cost, revenue and profit loss on daily, monthly and total basis

Cloning Gets Easier

Clone and instantly edit any amount of campaigns and offers in 1 click

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No more hundreds of useless offers and campaigns

Multi Payouts

Multiple payouts for country groups allow you to use only 1 offer for multi-GEO campaigns

Automated CPA

Set your margin % and let Trackerry pass decreased CPA rates to the Traffic Source postback URL

Currency Exchange

Multi-currency campaigns will be counted in USD in real time with Yahoo Currency Converter

Conversion Passing

Set the percentage of conversions you want the Traffic source to receive. Trackerry won't store cost for unfired conversions.

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No more just-an-affiliate attitude

Custom Themes

Change colors, backgrounds and logos

Client Logins

Set up accounts for your traffic sources and advertisers

Adjusted For Clients Stats

Show adjusted stats, including discrepancy and only clients rates

Secure Data Cloaking

Display encrypted var IDs for your advertisers. Keep your white-lists safe with us.

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No more bots and moderators on money page

Time saving

You no longer have to perform complex settings, adding endless urls to safe- and money-page links on different platforms for each campaign. Add MagicChecker ID in your campaign, and you are done

Easy set up

Default path of your campaing will be the safe-page, everything else is money-page. No extra work needed


Zero redirects for your safe-page. You can run Traffic sources with a ban on redirecting.

Protect from moderators, competitors, bots, and spy

Protection from campaign moderation and spying tools. Take away unwanted traffic to safe-page.

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Upgrade your campaigns with Trackerry!